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April 26, 2010
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House on Lewis Loop

We didn't always live on Lewis Loop. Before we did, we lived on Sunset Blvd. and before that we lived on Madruga Road. We lived in many places before that as well. The house we live in currently isn't the best for my family. It's only a four bedroom house for a seven member family, not including my three dogs. Our house is a sky blue color with a connecting garage and two front doors. We have a deck out back and a large backyard beyond that with woods beyond that. Our Kitchen and dining room are connected as one room. Our Living room is beside the dining room section and leads to a hallway the kitchen leads to as well. The hallway passes a door that leads downstairs. That door is across from the kitchen. The rest of the hallway leads to my brothers room, my room that I share with my three sisters, a bathroom, and my parents room. Downstairs is were we keep the TV, the computer, and my moms stamping stuff. There's also the laundry room and another bathroom.
My dream house for when I'm older will be made with red bricks and have a veranda in the front. In the back I'll have a deck with a backyard beyond that. Beyond the backyard there will be a lake with a dock. There will be a garage that connects to the house. My house will have six rooms, not including bathrooms. The first room will be a kitchen that connects to the dining room. The next room will be the living room. The living room lead to a hallway that leads upstairs. Upstairs, there will be a computer room, a TV room, two Bedrooms, and a bathroom. The house will be in a forest up in the mountains
In eighth grade my english class read The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros and were given a project based off of the book. We were to write a mini-book like Sandra Cisneros'. I got a 100 as a grade ^-^

Now remember I was only in eighth grade when I wrote these, so there is going to be mistakes here and there with grammer and the like.

I was thinking about the poems I wrote and I suddenly remembered that I had kept this project and went to dig it up. I found it and now I post it here for you to see. Enjoy!

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